Terms of purchase


For you, who are a private person, the Distance Contracts Act applies (see below regarding the right of withdrawal) and the Consumer Purchase Act, which has strict provisions, which means that the law applies, even though you have agreed otherwise. For companies, including sole traders, the Purchase Act applies, which is dispositive, which means that agreements between companies apply primarily before the law.

We follow the Personal Data Act (PUL). When you, as a private person, enter your information, you also agree that we store and use your personal information in our business in order to best fulfill our obligations to you. We protect your information according to PUL, and you have the right to have access to the information and to have it deleted if you so wish.

Should any condition be found to be invalid according to what applies under Swedish or EU law, this shall not mean that the terms of purchase become invalid in their entirety, but the invalid condition shall in that case be replaced by equivalent legal text.

Payment and Delivery

When you put goods in the shopping cart and go to the checkout, it is clear which payment method applies, whether the prices are inclusive or exclusive of VAT and which VAT rate applies in a given case. Delivery will take place within 7 days unless it is stated when ordering that the delivery time is longer.

Utöver priset kan tillkomma kostnader för frakt. Fraktfritt för ordrar från 800:- inom Sverige. Dessa finns i så fall angivna i webbutikens kassa.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the address you provided at the time of ordering is correct.

Price and availability of the products is based on the time you put the products in the shopping cart. We reserve the right to change prices slightly in connection with various campaigns with expiration dates. The products may also have sold out.

Uncollected shipment

It is your responsibility to redeem the shipment at the delivery point within the time specified on the notice. If you are unable to receive the package upon delivery, or do not pick up your package at the delivery point, it will be sent back to us, and we may then charge you a reasonable amount for shipping and administrative costs. If this cost is not paid, the demand for collection is submitted.


A cancellation is not valid until you have received confirmation from us. You can cancel your order at no cost to you until the order has been executed. After this time, you, who ordered to your company, are obliged to receive the delivery. Private individuals have a right of withdrawal, see under the heading "Right of withdrawal". 

Right of withdrawal

As a private person, according to the Distance Contracts Act, you have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days. 

You may inspect an item in the same way as in a physical store, but if the item has been used or handled carelessly, so that it can no longer be sold as new, you will be obliged to replace the online store for the item's depreciation.

In order to be able to determine the properties or function of a product, you must in some cases break the packaging, which in that case must be opened as carefully as possible and returned together with the product. 

Please also note that by law you are the one to pay for the return shipping costs.

The withdrawal period begins on the day you received the item. If you ordered several items or the item you ordered consists of several parts, the withdrawal period begins to run when you have received the last item and the last part of the item, respectively. If you regret the purchase, the product must be returned in undamaged condition and with unopened packaging.

If you want to exercise your right of withdrawal, follow the instructions under the tab "Customer service". You will without delay receive a confirmation that we have received your notification, after which we will decide whether you meet the conditions required to be able to apply the right of withdrawal. You will then receive a reply by e-mail from us, in which case with information on how to return the item.

Upon receipt of the returned item, the purchase price will be refunded to you within 14 days from the day we received the notice of right of withdrawal.

The Swedish Consumer Agency's form for exercising the right of withdrawal.

Complaints and repurchases in some cases.

If you as a private person have received a damaged product, or if we have sent the wrong item, you must complain about the item as soon as possible and no later than within 2 weeks of you discovering or should have discovered the error. 

If you as an entrepreneur have received a damaged product, or we have sent the wrong item, you must complain as soon as possible after you received the item.

In that case, you must complain via our website by following the instructions under the tab "Customer service".

If we can not send a new item to you within a reasonable time, we will refund the return shipping and what you paid for the damaged or incorrectly sent item.

Printing errors, etc.

We reserve the right to make printing errors as well as errors in information and specifications regarding goods and services that appear in our range.

Force Majeure

Both parties shall be exempt from performance of the agreement if performance is prevented or substantially hampered by a circumstance which the party could not reasonably have had control over or anticipate. The following and similar circumstances shall be considered as grounds for exemption where they prevent or hinder the performance of the agreement: fire, war, mobilization, requisition, seizure, currency restrictions, general shortage of goods, shortage of means of transport, strike, lockout, power outages, restrictions in the form of power and errors in or delays in deliveries by subcontractors based on a circumstance referred to in this paragraph or other circumstances beyond the control of a party which either impedes or impedes the performance of a party to such an extent that it can be done only at an abnormally high cost.


The General Complaints Board (ARN) provides a free procedure, which private individuals can use in the event of a dispute. Our policy is to always follow ARN's recommendations. Disputes between companies are decided by a general court.

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